Garden centre

In our Garden Center PUDEŁEK-IŁOWA you can purchase plants grown in our own nursery such as Rhododendrons, Azaleas, among them those grown in Azalia „Beskidy”, Japanese Azaleas, Kalmias, Pierises and many other deciduous and coniferous plants. Our offer differs depending on the seasons. That’s why from the early spring annual flowers, herbs and roses are available, in the summer blooming perennials and the autumn it’s time for hydrangeas, heathers and grasses.

Moreover, we offer everything what plants need to grow properly:

  • - special horticultural ground
  • - peat
  • - topsoil
  • - fertilizers

Garden Center PUDEŁEK-IŁOWA is open from the early spring to the late autumn.
Plants are sold in plastic containers with the capacity of 0,7 to 27 litres.
To each plant a label containing its name, price and a photo (if blooming) is attached. 
Our retail sale stuff will provide you professional advice and answer all your questions.
The following retail discounts are offered:

  • one stamp on the Loyalty Card is offered for a single purchase exceeding 300 PLN (10 stamps =  free plants worth 300 PLN)
  • 5 % discount for a single purchase exceeding 1000 PLN
  • 7 % discount for a single purchase exceeding 2000 PLN
  • 10 % discount for a single purchase exceeding 3000 PLN

This offer can be changed during the season. Please confirm the availability of chosen items by phone or e-mail.